Recognizing Excellence in New-Home Construction, Renovation and Design in Metro Vancouver

Ovation Awards

Now in its eighth year, the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA) Ovation Awards continues to grow and capture the attention of industry and the public.  From modest kitchen renovations to stunning whole-home transformations, and from family-oriented townhouse communities to luxurious custom-built estate homes, the Ovation Awards highlight the best projects GVHBA members have built, renovated, designed and marketed in Metro Vancouver. The GVHBA established the Ovation Awards to recognize these influential and trend-setting companies.

Why Enter? Your Local Industry. Your Local Housing Awards.

The Metro Vancouver residential construction industry is increasingly competitive and consumers are savvier than ever. Builders, renovators and designers need to explore new and meaningful ways to distinguish their brand, people, products and services.  The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association’s (GVHBA) Ovation Awards are designed to provide members of all sizes with an equal opportunity to compete in a local awards program that recognizes outstanding dedication to construction and design excellence.

The GVHBA Ovation Awards is an industry-specific marketing program built by members for members.  The entire program – from categories to entry forms — is reviewed annually to ensure the program reflects the changing nature of the industry, and remains relevant and meaningful to members’ businesses and customers. Award-winning builders/renovators and designers, sourced from outside the Metro Vancouver market are brought in to judge the peer-reviewed Ovation Awards.

Although a young marketing awards program, the GVHBA has established strong partnerships with respected and integrated media groups, such as Black Press Group, Glacier Group, The Vancouver Sun, The Province, and Yellow Pages NextHome, to ensure the Ovation Awards brand continues to grow and positively impacts finalists’ and winners’ brand awareness, public recognition and industry profile.

The GVHBA Ovation Awards will help leverage your company’s brand.  Consumers want to buy from, and work with, award-winning companies. The Ovation Awards offer your company an exciting avenue to achieve public and industry recognition.

Don’t just take our word on it — let our members tell you why they enter the GVHBA Ovation Awards:

The professionalism and quality associated with the Ovations has driven sales in our communities as perspective buyers know the value of winning an Ovation Award.

Derek Fenton
Zenterra Developments Ltd.
Multi-Family Builder

We definitely can attribute our success in the Ovations Awards with increased awareness of the Tavan brand.  Our clients love to hear about our ‘wins’ and look forward to having their home showcased.

Silveria Roselli
Tavan Developments
Custom Single-Family Home Builder


Having your business recognized amongst your peers is truly a rewarding feeling.  Mostly for me though,  it’s an opportunity to show-case my staff of artisans and trades people who are creating such beautiful work. Winning Ovation Awards are true tributes to my staff, helping to spotlight their abilities and contributions to consumers.

Mark Cooper
Shakespeare Homes and Renovation

Being an Ovation Award recipient was great for our brand building and help set us apart from our competition – telling people our building next door won an award instilled confidence in our customers to buy from us.

Porte Development Corp.
Multi-Family Builder

We have entered the Ovation Awards for a number of years and have found it to be a great help in growing and marketing our business.  Being nominated or winning Ovations puts us in the forefront with other members of the home builders association and has resulted in some great mutually beneficial relationships with builders.  With a strong portfolio, and credibility like Ovation Awards under our belt it is clear to potential clients that we are the real deal, and know what we are doing- which has been fantastic!  We look forward to showcasing our finest work each year at the Ovation Awards.

Sarah Gallop
Sarah Gallop Design

I originally entered the Ovation Awards to show support in an association I strongly believe in. But was surprised by all the media coverage and publicity the Ovations received and the positive feedback from my staff only confirmed that this was a first-class event.  I strongly recommend new members or a business looking for an inexpensive way of getting the word out about yourself — this is it. My business has tripled in size in three years and I have found that 60% of our leads come directly from the Ovation Awards and the hype leading up to it. The program is run very well and I have always enjoyed myself and find myself using the awards as a great team building experience.

Todd Best
Best Builders
Custom Builder and Renovator